What Others Say

“When I opened my new business in a new market Dave came very highly recommended. It was 2009 in a very scary economic environment and we were entering a very competitive market.

Dave was strategic, focused and committed. It was amazing to see the level of respect that he had gained from the reps he worked with. So many times I would have media reps tell me they wish they had more Daves.

Dave has been one of the biggest reasons my business went from new to absolutely dominating my market.”

Josh Keeney, Owner,
LeafGuard of Northeast Wisconsin

"It was clear we weren’t maximizing our media spend. So when we brought on Dave to help improve our efficiencies, the results were pretty obvious. We were able to offload the hassle of our radio and broadcast media buys, reduce our overall spend and increase our reach and frequency.

With the additional time and dollars, we were able to get to the other projects that never previously found their way off the back burner."

John Groen, Senior Director of Marketing, Canterbury Park

“We felt our business was having the normal aches and pains most startups have when getting off the ground. We had a few ads placed here or there before Dave. But he got us focused and organized. Took our advertising budget and put it into places that had an immediate impact on our sales. Calls started coming in right away.

Dave knew what would work and what would not work, and before him, we had been using a trial and error method which was fruitless. He sorted through all of it for us.”

Michael Epstein, Owner, Quick Steps

“I knew we needed Dave’s marketing services the first time I attempted to buy TV and radio. What station to buy? How much to buy? When to buy? Dave answered those questions easily, buying correctly for our demo. I think a lot of small businesses make the mistake of buying what they personally watch or listen to not thinking about their target audience.

Not only did we start getting leads and new customers, but our internet leads picked up as well. One thing you learn about Dave is, it’s not just a job, it’s a passion.”

Andrew Larson, Owner, LeafGuard of Madison

“I needed an expert as our business was growing and it was becoming a huge task. Dave brought advertising opportunities he thought I might be interested in and ones he liked for our business. He also came up with a very creative and successful ad campaign.”

Jimmy Pesis, Owner, Continental Diamond