Strategy Case Study.

A product unlike most in its industry, coupled with relatively little visibility in the metropolitan area. And-- a newly-formed company trying to sell it.

This is where I came in.

The product: precast concrete steps custom-made/cured offsite, delivered and installed. Compared to poured concrete onsite, precast is often half the cost and only takes hours to install versus days. But how to introduce these to customers and convince them to have them installed?

First things first. Name. Logo. Brochure. And QuickSteps was born. With a limited budget, I began with direct mail and door hangers, targeting specific zip-codes in the metro area. then geo-targeting even more specifically, homeowners, by household income and longevity in home.

Year one, the direct mail/door hanger combination, at first added so many leads, they nearly had a backlog of orders. By year two, a modest radio run was added, further upping their leads by 25%. Once a startup, but now a company making its presence known in its industry and to metro homeowners.

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