Media Case Study.

Canterbury Park offers thoroughbred racing in the summer, and a card casino year round. Competition for entertainment and gambling dollars is fierce, as in addition to another local racetrack/casino, there is a plethora of area resort casinos. Plus, popular seasonal events.

It is not a single audience this client is after. The track and casino each have their own, with little crossover. And within those, subset audiences for special nights, events and promotions—from millennials to families. So my media strategies must capture and drive all these disparate audiences into one place. With outdoor, digital, TV and radio, attendance has risen 10% over five years. This, in an industry that continues to see attendance down, even closures, nationwide.

My longtime relationships with media reps across all platforms allow me to secure attractive rates and positioning for my clients. And, I work closely with the LaBelle Barin advertising agency, so together, we can combine and greatly enhance our buying power.

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